Sumatra Tour

North Sumatra Tour

Medan – Bukit Lawang – Berastagi – Sipiso-piso Waterfll – Singkil - Banyak Islands – Lake Toba – Medan

Imagine vibrant colours of the tropical forests, traditional dresses, ripened rice fields, beautiful landscapes, corals, wild birds and macaques… all of those you can enjoy in this 11 day tour of North Sumatra.

Feel and savour the nature of Mount Sinabung in Berastagi, enjoy cool weather and the beauty of the biggest caldera in the world and learn the cultures of Batak people around Lake Toba, and contemplate to marine nature by trekking and snorkeling in Pulau Banyak.

13 days 12 nights tour – Starting from $3200 for 2 people


Noted : All the Hotel in Medan, Berastagi, Lake Toba, are 3 & 4 star. How ever in Singkil-Pulau Banyak are more spartial and relaxed, fitting with the environment around. ( Beach-huts, the best available in this area).

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